Mulongoti admits there is confusion in MMD

ACTING MMD spokesperson Mike Mulongoti has attributed the party’s loss in the Solwezi Central parliamentary by-elections to s

Mulongoti (Left)

Mulongoti (Left)

ome breakdown in party organisation, according to the Times of Zambia.

Mr Mulongoti said in Lusaka yesterday that it was obvious that the party machinery and leadership was not pulling in the same direction, hence the loss of the parliamentary seat to the opposition.

He said in an interview that contrary to assertions by some opposition political leaders that the loss spelt the end for MMD, the party was still strong and would soldier on from there.

The MMD last Thursday lost the Solwezi Central seat after its candidate Albert Chifita was out-polled by United Party for National Development (UPND)’s Watson Lumba. Mr Chifita who is former Solwezi District Commissioner got 4,457 votes while Mr Lumba garnered 5,669 votes.

The seat belonged to the ruling party through late Local Government and Housing minister Benny Tetamashimba who died on September 5, resulting in the by-election.

“It is obvious that as a party we are not pulling in the same direction, hence the loss,” Mr Mulongoti, who is the MMD chairperson for elections,” said.

He said following the party convention in 2005, some of the party leaders in the national executive committee had not discharged their responsibilities leading to the ineffectiveness of the party.

In some instances, he said, the party structures had almost collapsed as the result of lack of coordination and effective organisation among some leaders saying the people still wanted the MMD and there was, therefore, need for reorganisation.

“We need to go back to the drawing board as a party and start re-organising the structures after doing a full analysis of the situation,” he said.

He emphasised that the party was not weak but that it needed to iron out some differences among the members so that the leaders could move in the same direction.

Mr Mulongoti, who is Works and Supply Minister, said leaders at all levels of the party should discharge their responsibilities for which they were elected saying that was the only way of making the MMD more effective.

He said the MMD, as a mass party was too large to be run by one person or a few individuals, hence the need for each leader to play his/her role as opposed to being aloof.

He said the leadership should have a trickle down effect up to the grassroots levels.

And Leadership in Development (LID) has said the Patriotic Front (PF)-UPND pact is not founded on solid grounds and has failed to outline its economic policies.

Executive director Moses Kalonde said in a statement yesterday since the pact had not outlined its economic policies, it would be difficult for the leaders to move the nation forward.

“The electoral pact between PF and UPND was not founded on solid grounds. Zambians are yearning for a party that is going to offer alternative policies to the MMD. A party that is going to outline its sound economic policies to move the nation forward.

“If the PF-UPND formed Government, so what? Is removing the MMD a solution without the programmes like what late Anderson Mazoka had,” Mr Kalonde said.

But PF spokesperson Given Lubinda said that the economic policies for the pact were visible for all well-meaning citizens to see, hence the victory in the recent by-elections.

Mr Lubinda said that the pact had policies which the electorate were able to see hence ensuring that it emerged victorious in the elections.

Mr Lubinda said the policies of the pact would help improve Zambia’s economy and emphasised that the citizens had now realised the strength of the two parties.

“We have policies that cannot be seen by non-governmental organisations that are sponsored by the MMD. These are not even NGOs but they are non-governmental individuals,” Mr Lubinda saiD.

Courtesy of Times of Zambia

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