Mulongoti advises police against beating peaceful demonstrators

Mulongoti advises police against beating peaceful demonstrators

Former Information and Broadcasting Minister Mike Mulongoti has charged that media freedom must be respected by all Zambians regardless of their occupation.

And Mulongoti has advised the Zambia Police  to exercise maximum restraint when handling peaceful demonstrations.

The former cabinet minister said the police can only use force in circumstances where people resist to cooperate adding that it is unjustifiable for the police to engage in physical confrontation against peaceful protesters.

He said the police should not use violence on peaceful citizens as ‘violence breeds violence.’

He said the police can contain violence if it broke out in the country.

Mulongoti  said  Zambians are by law privileged to express their grievances through a peaceful demonstration and that this should be respected.

On media freedom, Mulongoti said it will be disastrous to subject journalists to brutality at the hands of the police stating that the media must be allowed to fulfil its mandate of informing, educating and entertaining the public without intimidation.

Police recently detained two Journalists for the Times of Zambia and privately owned Muvi television for following up on the Ivory that went missing at Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) store room.


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