Mulongoti advises PF against intolerance

Mulongoti advises PF against intolerance

Mulongoti, Mpombo and Shamenda

Former Works and Supply Minister, Mike Mulongoti has also voiced his concern over the alarming levels of intolerance by the current regime which he says was were taking the nation back to one party state way of doing things as opposed to progressing in democratic ideals.

Mr. Mulongoti who also heavily campaigned for PF and President Michael Sata said it was unhealthy to curtail people’s freedom of assembly that is currently being exhibited using the police and law enforcement agencies.

In an apparent reference to the UPND rallies that have been blocked by the PF police, Mulongoti said the only time one can stop people from assembling is when they have a history of violence, but so far the UPND have never acted in a violent manner to curtail their freedom of assembly.

Mr. Mulongoti, who once saved as Information and Broadcasting Minister advised the ruling PF leadership to develop a thick skin to criticism and have a good public relations strategy that relates to the masses in the streets like they used to do while in opposition, as opposed to being too reactionary.

He disclosed that during his regular tours of streets people keep asking where their leaders were because they no longer visit them like they did when they were in opposition hence the loss of interaction with the electorates.

Speaking during the ZNBC radio 4 programme Mulongoti also be-mourned the habit of doing away with everything that was done by the previous governments.

He said the best was to adopt what was working well previously and only change what was considered to be negative.

Asked as to whether he was bitter for not being given a job by President Sata, Mr. Mulongoti said his ambitions were higher than being merely appointed a Minister because he served in that position for a long time before.

He said he left MMD at a time he was aspiring to be Party Vice President with a view to become president, as a result he could not aspire for ministerial jobs anymore.

And Mr. Mulongoti has categorically stated that he has never been a member of the PF party, but merely endorsed them during campaigns in order to remove MMD which he believed was intolerance to opposing views and undemocratic then.

On the constitutional making process, Mr. Mulongoti said people were now fatigued because the process has taken too long and some of the clauses may already have been over-taken by events, as the world was moving on.

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