Mulongoti apologises to opposition for supporting PF during elections

Mulongoti apologises to opposition for supporting PF during elections

Former MMD Works and Supply minister Mike Mulongoti has apologised for supporting President Michael Sata during last year’s general elections.

Speaking as a guest at the UPND Secretariat this morning where combined opposition party leaders and members of parliament held a joint press conference, Mulongoti said he campaigned for PF because he was fighting for his survival.

“I know that when I was campaigning for the PF many people in MMD and other opposition parties were affected but I was also fighting for my own survival. I had to survive,” said Mulongoti as MMD MPs shouted at him to say sorry.

And Mulongoti said President Sata recently called him to express his bitterness over his attacks on the PF government.

“President Sata called me before he traveled to America, he said ‘you Mulongoti, why are you supporting UPND on this public order act? I know the UPND want to make you vice-president.’ But I asked the President I said how come president Hichilema has not told me about that. I told the President that I supported him during the elections because I supported democracy,” Mulongoti said.

He said President Sata got angry with his response and cut the line.

“When I reminded him that he was failing to govern this country he got angry and cut the line. That was the last time that he spoke to me. I am very happy to see this kind of unity from the opposition, this is what we need, we have to fight the PF injustices together as a united opposition,” Mulongoti said.

Speaking at the same function, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema described President Sata as a brutal dictator.

“Many Zambians did not know this but some of us saw this a long time ago. You have a dictator at State House, I am not talking about just a dictator but a brutal dictator.” In the history of this country it is happening for the first time that people need to get a police permit to walk or drive on public roads, Its the first time that the opposition are not allowed to hold meetings,” Hichilema said.

He further demanded for the immediate release of MMD president Nevers Mumba who is at Kanfinsa prison with four of his MPs.

MMD vice-president administration Dr Brian Chituwo and vice-president political Michael Kaingu, ADD leader Charles Milupi, political analyst Dante Sounders among others joined hands in condemning what they termed as the beginning of a dictatorship rule by the PF government

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