Mulongoti: If we lose in 2011 we will concede

MulongotiMMD Acting spokesperson Mike Mulongoti says the ruling party will gracefully concede defeat if the people of Zambia decide to not to return the party to power in the 2011 elections.

Responding to a caller on Joy FM’s the Platform programme yesterday who requested the ruling MMD to be prepared to hand over power after the 2011 elections,Mr Mulongoti however wondered why people are already predicting an MMD defeat in 2011 even before the votes are cast.

He says those spelling defeat for the MMD in the 2011general elections should wait until the votes are cast before claiming a change of government come 2011.

Mr Mulongoti has also questioned those claiming that the Zambian people want a change of government in what capacity they are speaking on behalf of the people when he is also a Zambian and has not been consulted on whether he wants a change of government.

He says those claiming that Zambians want change should learn to speak for themselves instead of insinuating that the people of Zambia want a change of government come 2011.

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