Mulongoti rubbishes PF’s claims of creating 435, 000 jobs

People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti has disputed claims by Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili that the PF Government has managed to create over 435,000 jobs since coming to power in 2011.

In 2014, the PF lied that it had created more than 600, 000 jobs. But now in 2016 they are saying they have created 435, 000 jobs? That is the problem of lying, you forget to reconcile your current lie with previous concoctions.
Mr. Mulongoti says it is impossible for the PF government to create such a number of jobs with the current state of the economy.
He has since challenged the government to tell the nation how many Zambians have lost their jobs due to the economic challenges the country is grappling with.
Mr. Mulongoti says while government claims to have created over 435,000 jobs, it is also important for the country to know how many jobs have been lost.
He states that such claims of jobs created should be measured against the jobs that have been lost more especially in the mining industry.

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