Mulongoti says Lungu has stolen enough to build 10 state houses

MIKE Mulongoti says President Edgar Lungu has amassed so much wealth that he does not need a pension and support from the State. And Mulongoti says by saying the government should not build him a retirement house, President Lungu is actually teasing Zambians because he has accumulated a lot of wealth now. During the handover of a mansion to former president Rupiah Banda last week, President Lungu said the government would not build him a retirement house even though it was a constitutional requirement.

But Mulongoti said President Lungu’s statement that the State should not build him a retirement house was a mockery because it was an open secret that he had amassed a lot of wealth.

“Inasmuch as I am saying we don’t want them to be ignored, but you must consider the bigger picture and especially when you parade it like that to everybody and you go and tell me that we are a poor country but you are able to look at our former presidents in luxury. And Mr Lungu must stop saying he doesn’t want a house, he has already amassed so much money himself,” he said. “He doesn’t need any help from anybody and in any case, what he should even be doing now is stop getting a salary and stop expecting a pension because he is only talking about the house, what about the pension when he is such a rich man now? We must remind Mr Lungu that when you came, yes you needed help from the State but over the few years, you have amassed so much wealth that you don’t need support from the State. You don’t need a pension.”

Mulongoti asked President Lungu to stop mocking Zambians.

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