Mulongoti says Lungu is a joker

People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti has charged that President Lungu was a joker following Lungu’s comment that the 2021 elections ballot papers will be printed locally at government printers.
Mulongoti said Lungu was aware that Government Printers was able to print ballot papers for last year’s elections but opted to use a Dubai based company to facilitate corruption.
‘Lungu is a joker, he knew very well that even last year Government Printers could print but they went to Dubai because they wanted to make money with their friends,’ Mulongoti charged.
He claimed that the PF will now say government printers’ needs a lot more machinery so that they make more money corruptly.
Mulongoti said the Chinese government had donated the printing equipment during the MMD’s time in power and a delegation was sent to China to learn how to use and service the machinery but it has never been used to print ballots to date.
Yesterday Lungu toured Government Printers and said the company will print the ballots for 2021 elections to reduce on lodging and air travel costs.
But just last year Lungu refused to listen to the opposition when they pointed out that it was cheaper to print in South Africa than Dubai.

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