Mulongoti tells Lubinda to stand by his principles, as phone taping evidence used against him

Former Works and Supply Minister Mike Mulongoti has advised embattled Kabwata member of Parliament Given Lubinda to stand by his principles.

In an interview with Qfm News, Mr. Mulongoti says Mr. Lubinda who is also Foreign Affairs Minister has a long term political career and has encouraged him not to give up his seat.

Mr. Mulongoti says Mr. Lubinda’s imminent expulsion from the ruling party will open the Pandora’s Box for political drama in the country.

He has since urged Kabwata residents to shame the ruling party for the injustices inflicted on Mr. Lubinda by allowing him to finish his mandate through the power of the ballot in the looming by-election.

Mr. Lubinda is reported to have been found guilty of treachery and disloyalty allegations by the PF’s disciplinary committee led by Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu, and will have his fate determined by the party’s Central Committee.

And the Watchdog understands that part of the evidence of Lubinda’s links with opposition parties was through wire-taps of his phones, raising concern on the personal security of individuals through the on-going SIM card registration.

Sources close to the disciplinary hearing said Lubinda’s phone conversations were part of the evidence that was used against him though the Kabwata parliamentarian also raised a number of pertinent in his defence of his contacts with some opposition parties.

And the watchdog understands that the decision to recommend Lubinda’s expulsion was not unanimous at first instance.

Of the disciplinary committee members, 4 voted against his expulsion and these are Inonge Wina, Jean Kapata, Musonda Mpankanta and Suzan Kawandami.

However, they were later arm-twisted into voting for his expulsion.

Sources said wire-tapping is currently being widely used to get both voice and message data from both landlines and cellular phones by PF State intelligence in an unprecedented and dangerous levels in the country.

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