Mulongoti tells PF to be honest on Sata’s health

People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti has said that speculation on the state of health of President Michael Sata will continue as long as government does not come out clearly on the issue.

Mr. Mulongoti said that the PF government has not done enough to dispel rumors surrounding the health of President Michael Sata once and for all.

He said that Zambians deserve to know the truth once and for all on their leader’s health status.

Mr. Mulongoti noted that sickness is normal and that the president is human can also get sick and seek medical attention which should not be a problem.

He has since encouraged the PF government to be honest and courageous enough and tell the Zambian people the president’s state of health.

Mr. Mulongoti has also appealed to the Zambian people not to make the issue of the President’s health a big issue, stating that every human being is bound to get sick at any time.


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