Mulongoti too sick to make political statements – Tembo

Mulongoti too sick to make political statements – Tembo

The opposition alliance has responded to PF lies in sick Mike Mulongoti

1. The Opposition Alliance is saddened by the increasing appetite of President Lungu and his PF party to use the sickness of President Mike Mulongoti, who is also Opposition Alliance member, for political propaganda purposes. Yesterday, the PF party official website known as “Smart Eagles” published a fake article allegedly penned by President Mike Mulongoti in which the publication claimed that he had withdrawn his party from the Opposition Alliance and instead joined the PF.

2. The Opposition Alliance wishes to inform the nation that President Mulongoti was readmitted to hospital in South Africa about 5 days ago and his condition is not good as he is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The Opposition Alliance has been in constant touch on a daily basis with his family members in South Africa, specifically Mrs. Mulongoti and his son, Mike Mulongoti Junior. The family of President Mulongoti has assured the Opposition Alliance that his condition in the Intensive Care Unit is such that he is unable to write anything, let alone the long fake article that the PF party published on its official website and has been circulating all over social media.

3. As Opposition Alliance, we are of the view that it insensitive and poor judgement for President Lungu and his PF party to peddle propaganda in the name of a man that is unwell and bedridden in the Intensive Care Unit, all in the quest for political capital. We are fully aware that the Opposition Alliance has been giving President Lungu and his PF party sleepless nights and we are also fully aware that President Lungu’s desperation to undermine and destroy the Opposition Alliance keeps increasing everyday, hence his previous quest to plant political moles within the Alliance, who were subsequently discovered and expelled. However, our appeal to President Lungu is that in the midst of his desperation about the Alliance, he must endeavor to practice decent politics by not dragging people who are bedridden in the ICU in his party’s propaganda efforts.

4. As Opposition Alliance, we wish to reiterate our previously held position that we shall always hold President Lungu accountable for the actions of his party officials, unless and until such a time that President Lungu makes a pronouncement that he is not in control of his individual party officials. Until such a time, the Opposition Alliance shall always operate on the presumption that all the actions of PF party officials are motivated, orchestrated, directed and conceived by the PF party leader, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.



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