Mulongoti urges opposition unity

Former Works and Supply Minister Mike Mulongoti has urged opposition political parties to remain united and fight for the country’s democracy.

Speaking in an interview with Qfm news, Mr. Mulongoti who is also a former senior member of the MMD says the unity exhibited by the opposition is what is required to fight the alleged injustices by the ruling Patriotic Front.

Mr. Mulongoti says it is therefore important for opposition political parties to consider the interests of Zambians and not prioritize their personal interests.

He says the ongoing developments in the PF government is a clear indication of more injustices that are yet the befall Zambians.

The former Cabinet minister has also disapproved of the manner in which the public order Act is being abused.

He says in as much as the previous government was perceived to be hard on the opposition, they respected the people’s rights to free speech and assembly.

Mr. Mulongoti has observed that the unity of purpose in the opposition is causing panic on the PF government.

He says government’s maneuvers on the Public Order Act are creating anger in the people.

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