Mulongoti wants MMD convention to replace ‘liabilities’

MulongotiMovement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) acting spokesperson Mike Mulongoti has called for holding of the party national convention to replace some MMD National Executive Committee members whom he has described as liabilities to the ruling party.

Mr. Mulongoti says there is need for the ruling party to hold its national convection to elect people that will reorganize and strengthen the party.

He explains that the poor performance by the MMD in recent elections is as a result of some NEC members who were elected at the party’s national convention in 2005 and have failed to deliver.

Mr. Mulongoti says new NEC members such president Rupiah Banda have kept the party together while some elected NEC members have failed to organize the party.

He says people who are making noise about the operations of the ruling party are elected NEC members who have failed to perform.

Mr Mulongoti says there is therefore need for the party to hold a national convention so people who have failed the party can be flashed out.

And Mr Mulongoti says the recent election losses suffered by the ruling party in Kasama and Solwezi have not scared the party.

He says the battle for what he describes as the big boys has just begun.

Mr Mulogoti says the MMD will have an overwhelming support in 2011.

Courtesy of QFM

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