Mulongoti wants PAZA leaders taken to police

MulongotiWorks and Supply minister Mike Mulongoti says leaders of  the Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) should be reported to police for investigation.

Mulongoti who is also MMD acting spokesperson says that the receiving of  K10m million  from the Post newspaper by PAZA amounts to a bribe.

But PAZA vice president Amos Chanda has said that Mulongoti should not try to use his influence on the police. He said no fraud has been committed by either PAZA or the Press Freedom Committee of the Post.

Chanda told the Watchdog that PAZA believes that Mulongoti is trying to intimidate journalists so that in future they don’t challenge maneuvers by government to gag the media.

He said if Mulongoti is of the view that a crime has been committed, he should lodge a complaint with the police like any other citizen might instead of trying to use his poliitical office to push the police.

He said the police should move on their own where they feel that acrime has been committed.

Over the weekend, Committtee of Citizens director Gregry Chifire said that the memorandum of understanding which the Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) signed with the Press Freedom Committee of the Post where PAZA receives a monthly grant of K10million has compromised the Independence, Integrity and Morality of the Association.

But Chanda said Chifire is one of the people benefiting financially from tension in the country.

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