Multi-choice Zambia silent rip-off

Multi-choice Zambia silent rip-off

I wish to express my dismay in regards Multichoice (DSTV) silent rip-off on unsuspecting citizenry;

I have been a loyal subscriber for over 11 years with the said cable TV service provider and what I have been subjected to has NEVER happened before all this while: My due date for subscription is the 4th of every preceding month, to my shock, they have silently introduced a ‘re-connection penalty’ fee of K10.00 whenever a subscriber is disconnected. My due date for November prepayment was due on 4th of December. On the morning of the 5th, they did the ‘dishonorable’ feat they are renowned for of disconnecting me. I made a payment through the bank, yet again, I wasn’t reconnected. After making frantic efforts contacting them they informed me that there was a ‘RECONNECTION FEE’ of K10.00 which was supposedly charged to me on 2nd December when I was active. After I complained, they reconnected.

However, today 6th, they again did the dishonorable and upon contacting their call center, they shamelessly advise that am now owing them K20.00 for the two reconnections of 2nd and 5th thereby reducing my Compact Bouquet K300.00 I paid to K280.00 in my account. If we add todays case, then I will be required to pay K30.00 through the nose I do not remember such penalties being sensitized by Multichoice Zambia and after challenging the call center agent, by the name Alick, to explain whether it’s a new company policy and if a communique has been put to this effect; he expressed ignorance and said he was seeing such a case for the first time.

I feel this is a day light robbery being exhibited by Multichoice Zambia. We are alive to prepaid services on most of these utility companies among them ZESCO and mobile phone corporations. Upon depleting what one paid for, the clients are not subjected to paying the purported ‘penalty fees’. Upto now, am still waiting astonishment for them to resolve my predicament. Don’t hide my ID…… my Smartcard number is 1025524348 and Account number being 247436033 #DisappointedClient

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