MultiChoice in intellectual property scandal

MultiChoice in intellectual property scandal

Series Continues:
So following my post on 10th March, 2021 threatening to Expose Multichoice’s M-NET crooked activities, Their Lawyers Musa Dhudia and co. wrote within an hour asking me not to go public as their client was attempting an out of court settlement, It just seems the Lawyers also don’t know who they are representing M-NET or DSTV MEDIA SALES. See attached. I waited for the so called Amicable sit down from 2017, so their communication I knew was just bullshit. So this morning instead they sent me another letter with threats to apologize and delete the posts. You don’t threaten someone like me, you @#$#% sit down and talk or go straight fighting!!! Period! I can be diplomatic and I have been for 5 years without taking M-NET to court, but you want the street side of me. Did Multichoice think that I have reached where I am today because I’m just lucky, its war out here, this will be the last time you will do crooked tricks on Local Productions, I will go down in history attached to your name. I will take up anyone for my years of hard-work!!!!

M-NET is demanding retraction of my story and an unconditional apology before Friday, So I won’t waste their time, there won’t be any apology or retraction because that is just the Truth I shared. I was hoping they wake up after that fair warning but big corporate managers who don’t even own M-NET are so arrogant because they will find Jobs somewhere else tomorrow if the business is affected. If i owned the business i would fire them all for this in despicable, unnecessary embarrassment to the business.

So in 2016 Between July and October, Multi-Choice’s M-NET through Zambezi Magic Head Addiel Dzinoreva and Mosibudi Pheeha approached us for a possible partnership with Dreams Music Talent show which was then In its 4th successful Season on ZNBC.

Their budgets for Zambian Productions was less than $100,000.00 for a season which was way below our $600,000.00 budget requirement for Dreams to be on M-Net. So We offered to Co-finance the show and Produce only 15 Episodes instead of the usual 32 Episodes at $300,000.00 and uplift this Budget to $600,000.00 from 2018 going forward with sponsors coming on board. So for M-NET Partnerships like this one, Multichoice’s Business side DSTV Media Sales had to make assessment of Powermedia/Starcom Zambia (Publicis Groupe Affiliate name) and decide whether we had the capability to source Sponsors and together with M-Net make a decision to make Dreams Budget cleared.

By December 6, 2016, DSTV Media Sales had Cleared us for this Partnership, M-NET was to pay $200,000.00 Two hundred Thousand dollars and Provide Zambezi Magic Space for Airing and Powermedia was to Pay $100,000.00 one hundred thousand dollars and bring a very successful show to the M-Net Platform. Dreams was to start Production in January and be on Air from about April, 2017.

I won’t Discuss DSTV Media Sales issues yet as the Matter is in the Zambian High court now, but I am seriously considering Withdrawing it so I can take the fight to the streets. So anyone interested in this story can walk at the High Courts and get the details.

By January, 2017 We had Sponsors on board to take care of our Funds starting with Promacidor Zambia (CowBell and Sossi) with $50,000.00. Other clients like Trade Kings had promised product placements and full cash sponsorships from 2018. M-NET had a concern though, the fact that Idols SA was Producing and Airing Same times with Dreams Previously on ZNBC so we had to agree to Place Dreams to Air an hour after or before Idols.

On 2nd February 2017, M-Net through Addiel, We called him Dzino, Wrote officially to ask me to Close all third party contracts, Contract Presenters, Judges and crew members of total 30 people, Lock Locations etc not knowing everything was well calculated.

I was also personally responsible of tweaking the show and send the Bible format to our partners M-NET for Review. So all Intellectual property rights are 100% mine!

To be continued In next post:

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