Multichoice Zambia repeats and useless channels

Multichoice Zambia repeats and useless channels

Dear Sir/Madam,

DSTV / Multichoice Repeats, useless channels

My name is Solomon Kimmie using DSTV account number 4273582861!!

Kindly look into my complaint laid against DSTV/Multichoice Zambia with regards to thier services/content to its Zambian subscribers.

I’m quite sure DSTV Zambian has 2 million + users, and GOTV another 2 million plus all paying cash for its DSTV services on a monthly basis.

I’m a Compact plus subscriber on DSTV paying K530 monthly. Then there’s the Premuim for K850 & Compact for K350 per month!
Not forgetting the GOTV subscribers who pay K90 per month.

Im sure If you do the simple maths, you’ll get a surprisingly massive Kwacha amount per month paid to DStv, who must be making a million percentage profit every month.

They obviously enjoy the Zambian business. But when corporations get too big, they seem to forget thier clients services.

I’m 100% sure, if you had to carry out a simple survey in Zambia, there would be a bit more than 70% of Zambians that aren’t happy with the DStv services.

Complaints are as follows:
1. Being a compact plus subscribers, we are paying for 12 non English speaking channels.

2. Then we pay for a weather channel that does not cover the Zambian weather at all

3. Then we pay for a live horse racing channel that is used for betting. Now tell me, who in Zambia is interested in this channel??

4. Not forgetting the fact that we pay for repeats. We are subjected to continous reruns/repeats.

I carried out my own brief channels survey. Each channel has no less than 2 repeats per day x 30 days. Wow, that’s staggering.

They must be making a massive save venture with the repeats!!!

Again if we had to analyze each channel with the amount of repeats, definitely you will get a shock.

Mind you these repeats can go on for months!!!

In conclusion;
a) Why do we have so many repeats?

b) Why are we paying for 12 non English speaking channels? Example channel 147 is in Afrikaans/South African language . 99.1% of Zambians can’t understand let alone speak Afrikaans.

c) Then why have a weather channel that never covers our Zambian weather & we pay for this?

d) Why do we have 1 channel solely dedicated to “how to use the DStv decoder which runs 24/7 a week 365 days a year?

e) Horse racing channels that have no relevance to its Zambian viewers?

Usually when 1 pays for a service, you’d expect to get value for money spent. But it seems we are paying for Suggestions!

Fellow Zambian, forward this to your contact list if u agree to what I have observed! We are being exploited!

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    Ngelelwa 3 days ago

    Multichoice Zambia can make you live inside the box, you can’t know what is outside the box because of their repeatations for sure we need to voice out or stop subscribing and try other better things.

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    Bobesha 3 days ago

    Nigerians realised a long time about this scam of Multichoice stealing from the people. In Niraland it does not make this kind of abnormal profits it makes in Zambia. Recently Zimbabweans have come up with an alternative pay channel company offering almost same content at a reduced fee and as a result of this it has put pressure on Multichoice. This is proper extortion by done by this company in our motherland paying for repeated contents year in year out. Let’s open our eyes to this fraud.

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    If DSTV Zambia does not improve their service delivery. This month end I’m buying GoTv.Why should I over pay for substandard programs.

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    milika telvo 3 days ago

    Yes, they repeat Rambo all the time as if there are no other old good movies, they are even very expoensive

  • comment-avatar
    Neymor 5 days ago

    From your wise observations, we should be paying half if you consider the reputations

  • comment-avatar
    Neymor 5 days ago

    Problem in Zambia we are too docile, we’ll just keep paying and watching

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    Solomon now that you are really upset and not getting value for money you pay to multichoice, don’t you think it is high time you stopped subscribing and invest this money in satellite transmission channels or broadcast? Paying for these satellites up in the sky is not as expensive as you may imagine. Put some thought into it and Zambia might have something to be proud of. Of course there are other things to be proud of as Zambians. Think of that monthly subscription, other like minds, then research, invest! That is the way to go. Complaining won’t take us anywhere. In fact we are having complaint fatigue. Time for action. Go for it!

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    Kennedy 5 days ago

    The channels on DSTV are not meant for one country.the company gives to its customers what it dims good for a certain amount of money.if a client does not like the offer he or she should not subscribe.I pay for compact plus because of live sports channels like tennis,golf and soccer.

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    Very true and no one has a say about it especially from Government ministerial, on how much money these guys are making in Zambia, and us subscribers don’t really appreciate from there services…… I personally don’t enjoy the services apart from Super Sport.

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    AKASHAMBATWA 5 days ago

    Worse still we pay for watching useless and highly discredited CNN and its two syconphants BBC and AL JAZEERA. MULTI CHOICE shud move with time. Making me pay for CNN chi news chabufi all they know is TRUMP this,that.

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    Daniel 5 days ago

    Please Multi choice put your house in order and stop stealing from us

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    Geebabes 5 days ago

    I totally agree with the writer. DSTV please hear our cry, we are paying for service which we are not getting at all. Money is hard to come by especially under this current economic hardships. DSTV give us our money value, period!!!

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      Dominic 5 days ago

      Very true observation.Chanel 321 which shows Kholwa on Sundays from 20 hrs to 21 hrs continues to show repeats which have been going on for over five years now.This is the worst case of cheating clients.

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    Vince 5 days ago

    Imagine paying K330+ on Compact but end up watching only one UCL match. I’m GoTV it’s even worse, no UCL

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    jimmy shaba 5 days ago


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    Inclusive 5 days ago

    The viewer is imagining that its only his interests that must be broadcast. Repeats are intended for those who were at work or elsewhere and not in their sittingrooms flipping from channel to channel watching television the whole day.
    You should also appreciate what is happening elsewhere in the world weather. Only recently the weather in Mozambique moved to affect other countries. We even made a donation as a country towards the displacec. Dont be an island.
    As to languages, we have different nationals in Zambia. If you do not understand the language, keep to what you understand. How many channels can you watch each day?

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    Ubuchushi bupa amano. i feel we should go the nigerian way. Government should come in and try earn genuine money by investing in this kind of service.

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    we dont seem to care what is pressing and observe the silence exhibited as we being ripped off of hard earned income

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    james Bond007 5 days ago

    This is a very good observation.
    Especially on the weather channel that doesn’t cover Zambia.