Mulungushi increases fees again


I write to your website as a concerned student of Mulungushi university here in Kabwe. As of yesterday a notice was posted on multiple notice boards around school, the notices were posted so as to notify us, the students , that there would be an increase In university fees. However the reason behind the increase were not aired to us. To that end we would like to find out how the amount that is being added to the fees will be used in making the university better,and why the school has imposed the increase without negotiation with our school union which is not fair cause I remember very well when our lectures were asking for an increase on their salaries the institution negotiated with the lecturers union board and later came up with an understanding why has the school not respected us also by doing the same with our union but they have decided

To pour the high fees at us that’s injustice!!and we want justice to prevail am representing the cries of all the students from the institutions mr sata and top government official we ask for your intervention in this matters concerning our welfare

At the institution which will help a lot of young zambian continue with their studies as most of them are not able to pay the 10percent increase which is just way to much we do not riot and break school properties to air our views we are a rare being just as the vice chancellor puts it.

Concerned student


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