Mulungushi uni students boycott classes

Mulungushi uni students boycott classes

Mulungushi-UniversityMulungushi University students have gone on class boycott over management decision to hike fees and  chase all students  who have outstanding balances from writing exams.

The students rioted on Tuesday evening resulting in the arrest of more than 70 students after police fired teargas and smoked them from their rooms.

‘This is to inform students that all classes have been suspended till further notice,’ Mulungushi students Union spokesperson Tindi Ntalasha said in a notice placed at that university.

Ntalasha sais the suspension of classes is to allow management to ‘respond to our matters with the urgency they deserve’.

The student leader asked all students to gather at the flag post by 07:50 so that they can speak with a solidary voice.

Ntalasha advised student to desist from violence.

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