Mulungushi universities protests



There is a protest going going on  at Mulungush university 🎓 for two days now. Students are now blocking the great north road, the reason behind the whole whole instability is that, the management has increased everything , supplementary exams from k50 to k700 per course, tuition fee by 4%, repeated course from k70 to k1830  the list is still going but because iam tired up. Students have been protesting for two days. The student union had a meeting but due to unethical and immorality that has increased in Zambian society so the student union is failing to put the management on their defence but they have opt to back the management, this has dismayed the students and they have opt to handle the subject on their own.. The police are firing teargas but students are viscous and are still protesting tensely even blocking great north road and burn tires on the road..


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