Mulungushi university closure looming due to water and electricity outages

Mulungushi University in Kabwe has been hit by uncontrolled load shedding and serious water shortage thereby posing a health hazard to students, management is secretly scheming to close the institution.

Students union president Oscar Matakala told the media in Kabwe that almost half the institution is hit by water shortage while load shedding at the institution is affecting the student’s study and feeding programmes.

Last year, during the controversial PF convention which was held at the Mulungushi Rock of Authority, huge sums of money were allocated to a bogus contractor who sunk boreholes and pipes to take water to the convention but this has not solved the perennial water shortage at the institution.

Meanwhile, a university source has disclosed that the management at the institution is scheming to close the institution but they first want to wait for students to protest and find a scapegoat.

“Water and electricity are very important to an institution such as a university, but this is beyond us. So we are scheming to close the institution but we want to wait for students to stage some protest because we know very soon they will do that. Government has failed to intervene in the situation,” he said.

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