Mulungushi university joins protests

Students at Mulungushi University, the country’s third public university, have joined in calling for government to reverse its decision to remove the fuel and maize subsidies.

Speaking through their union leader Lengwe Bwalya, the students said the move by the government would raise the cost of living for ordinary citizens.

Bwalya said for an institution like Mulungushi University which had no bursary scheme they feared that the hike of the cost of fuel would be passed on to students by management.

“I think the government should listen to the cries of the people. This is about ordinary people that feel the pangs of poverty hardest. We are appealing to government to reverse those harsh measures they have announced,” he said.

“If they really care about the poor this is wrong and for us who are a self paying university, we fear that the cost will be passed on to us by management.”

And Non Governmental Coordinating Council executive director Beatrice Grillo says Zambia is headed for tougher times following the removal of subsidies on mealie meal and fuel.

“They are really going against the pro-poor stance they preached by removing all these subsidies. We are going for tough times even that same money they are saying they will save we do not know where it will go,” Grillo said.

Government recently announced the removal of fuel and mealie meal subsidies prompting an outcry in the country.

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