Mulungushi University management unlawfully deducting workers’ money

The Professor Hellicy Ngambi led management has unlawfully placed workers on some fake health schemes and effecting deductions ranging from K70 to K170 without workers’ consent.

According to an affected worker’s January payslip, K50 and K20 dubbed as staff medical scheme and annual medical scheme respectively have been deducted but the worker said she did not understand how that came about because she already has another running scheme with the Kabwe mine hospital through her husband who works there.

Another one complained that in spite of him having his own family scheme at Kabwe General Hospital where he also takes his family members he has been subjected to the unexplained deductions. Yesterday about 100 of the affected workers all told the Watchdog that the whole exercise amounted to money laundering and have called for investigative wings’ intervention.

Late last year, the university was ordered by the high court to refund some workers who were having money deducted from their salaries after being imposed onto the Copperbelt University and Allied workers Union which they accused of ill representing them. Currently there is also another pending court action of unauthorised insurance scheme against the scandal rocked university management.

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