Mulungushi university mistreating distance students


Dear Editor (No need to hide my name)

Here is how Mulungushi University is treating Distance students

Mulungushi University in 2016 decided that it will be conducting its exams in Provincial Centers for Distance students who are doing first Degrees and Masters Degrees and Chipata was one of the centers that was selected. Students are required to register the Centers in which they will be writing from during the beginning of the semester, in this case 6 months ago. This is done, I believe to enable both the University and the Students to plan well for their exams which lasts for two weeks.

Unfortunately, today, the University is sending text messages to more than 400 students who registered to write from Chipata to travel to Lusaka, Livingstone or Ndola to write their exams which are starting in 4 weeks’ time and they are saying this decision is final.

Now with this biting economy, where can one find money in just three weeks to enable them book a guest room in Lusaka for more than 16 days? What of food and travel? What about those with kids?

As students coming from Eastern Province, we disappointed with the management of the University for being selfish, lazy and inconsiderate. How on earth do you treat students who pay your salaries like that? Will they be happy if some students fail to write their Exams? How about leave days because students plan their leave days according to their school Calendar? Will it please them if some employers refuse leave for their employees to travel to these places for 16days?

What kind of management are they teaching us where you just work up in the night and make a decision? What kind old Public Administration are they teaching that is void of planning? What kind of Social work are they teaching that is inhumane? What kind of economics are they teaching us that is void of planning? And how do they expect students to pass with this additional financial pressure that has come from their inhumane hearts?

If it is hard for them to conduct these exams, let them revert back to the old system because this notice is not only to short but also cruel to poor families struggling to have family members get their degrees from this public institution. Can the powers that be intervene before students fail to sit for their exams?

Evans Nsooka


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