Mulungushi university protest continues

Mulungushi university protest continues


Mulungushi students at main gate last night

The protest at Zambia’s third public university, Mulungushi has continued and students have demanded that senior government officials address them on their demands of bursaries, poor infrastructure and reintroduction of the mealie meal and fuel subsidy withdrawn by the government.

After running battles with police last night in which four male students were apprehended but were later released, the students have questioned government’s decision to launch Palabana and other universities elsewhere when they have incomplete structures at the institution.

Currently the students use the cafeteria for lectures as the lecture theatre still lies incomplete for the past three years, they have been made to share accomodation due to equally incomplete hostels and they fear that with the coming of another intake there will be an accomodation crisis there.

The students have also pressed for re-introduction of the fuel and mealie meal subsidies as they fear that the meals will be expensive at the institution’s cafeteria.

“Why should PF secretary Generla Wynter Kabimba extend bursaries to private universities and President Sata build more universities when we are not on bursaries and have no infrastructure here?” asked a fourth year Business studies student.

Officiating at the graduation ceremony at Cavendish university in Lusaka last week, kabimba said the government will consider giving bursaries to students in private universities also while ailing dicatator Michael Sata was laying a foundation stone at palabana university in Chongwe.

During the occassion, Sata lied that Mukuba in Kitwe, Mulungushi and Nkrumah universities in Kabwe were full fledged public universities. The government has been unable to complete the construction of hostels and other facilities which were started by the MMD at Nkrumah and Mulungushi about three years ago.

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