Mulungushi University vice-chancellor accused of malpractices

Mulungushi University vice-chancellor accused of malpractices

Hellicy C N’gambi

Hellicy C N’gambi

Dear ZWD, please withhold my identity.

I am a student at Mulungushi University or should I say a student at the former Mulungushi university now the N’gambi university.

I write with great disappointment, sympathy and anger because of the ill treatment and total disregard of my human dignity and student rights, and deprivation of what is rightfully mine as a Zambian child. Sympathy for my fellow students who have had to experience the leadership of our current Vice Chancellor, Prof. Hellicy C N’gambi who has decided to treat the university more less like her kitchen.

The nation must be made aware of what is currently prevailing at this university. Numerous challenges are been faced by the student populous and various efforts have been made by our union leaders in resolving these issues but all efforts have till now proved futile.

The issues that have been faced at the university are;

  1.    Ms N’gambi has personalized the university. It has been discovered that she has introduced first year course that is based on her book (RARE Leadership). The only way of accessing literature regarding this course is by buying her book. This means lecturers are sometimes been forced to suspend their lectures in order for her to market C.V. ( the so called RARE experience).
  2. She is running the university by intimidation as she now makes all the decisions and merely imposes them on all stakeholders. This has resulted in some key lecturers leaving the university in search of better conditions of service.
  3. Students are never well informed regarding issues that directly affect them. For example, the abrupt increase in Boarding and Lodging fees. This has bought about a situation where the lowest paying students at the university are paying k10200 for the 14week semester. This increment has led to drop out of students at the institution. recently, those that managed to pay atleast 50% (which is still very expensive as it is over k6000) have been told to finish  before 31st October 2013 or will not be allowed to attend class.(what university does this?) This has been communicated through the university registrar only 3 weeks prior to the deadline.
  4. Student union representatives are threatened whenever concerns are raised and practically tells them “I am not here for your money as I could be in the united states or the united kingdom so don’t push me as I am not here because of you but because of my qualifications.”
  5. She singlehandedly through her “authority” increased the pass mark from 40% to 50% without consultation and disregarding the already below par performance of students (you can refer to the graduation brochure as there are very few students that graduate with either distinctions or merits.
  6. She is currently trying to push a motion that the university be renamed to Rock of Authority University disregarding the history of “Mulungushi” in Zambia.

The university is currently over enrolling and this has resulted in poor food and sanitation at the cafeteria and as a result, students have been reporting diarrheal diseases. There has also been a serious shortage of lecture theatres and furniture as students are now forced to have as many as two lectures taking place in the same university hall at the same time each in their corners.   The students rioted last semester to raise awareness of the matters at this university to the relevant authorities, but this proved futile and has in fact greatly disappointed the students, youths who ushered the PF into office on the promise of putting education and economic  advancement on high priority unlike the now evident self enrichment and corruption.

Zambian Watchdog being impartial and investigative in reporting, I would urge you to visit the university and confirm for yourself as tensions and anxieties are high among students and stuff and might destabilize this institution of higher learning.


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