Mulungushi University Vice Chancellor misappropriates K500,000, as students break windows

Mulungushi university has recorded an excess of K500,000 in unaccounted for expenditure mainly by senior management officials and the office of the Vice Chancellor Professor Hellicy Ngambi.

According to management sources, the audit report for the year 2014 unearthed K519,121 expenditure not backed by receipts mainly through local and international travel allowances. The money was genuinely obtained and signed for but not retired. Professor Ngambi has also been accused of bullying any officials who seem to challenge her financial abuse in the institution.

Meanwhile, angered by the continued lack of power and water at the main campus, some irate students on early Friday morning threw stones, breaking windows at the administration block.

The water shortage has made students to be using the nearby bush as toilets and travelling to the Town campus about 15 kilometres where they are coming to bath and wash their clothes.

In a bid to mitigate the water shortage, last year the university spent colossal sums of money to sink boreholes near Chindwin barracks but it has been found that sub standard pipes were used and constantly burst whenever water is pumped from the boreholes.

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