Mumba calls for stronger MMD/UPND ties to unseat PF in 2016

Mumba calls for stronger MMD/UPND ties to unseat PF in 2016

Movement for Multiparty Democracy President Nevers Mumba has called for stronger ties with the United Party for National Development if the opposition was to unseat the patriotic front in 2016.

Mumba told journalists  that the two parties need to realize that selfish desires among leaders of both opposition parties will not yield any results.

Their has been accusations and counter-accusations of insincerity between the two parties regarding the non-binding working relationship, especially after the recent ward and parliamentary bye-elections.

But Mumba says the two parties need to work together for the good of the Zambian people.

He said the PF does not have a vision and if left to run government for longer than five years, the country would be taken back 50 years.

Mumba said the emotions among members of the two parties were high, especially the loses in ward and Mufumbwe parliamentary bye-election.

But sources said the two parties seem to be playing to the PF compromised Post newspaper propaganda of wanting to create hatred among the members.

A source within the MMD said the two parties should quickly realise that fighting using the Post newspaper and other government media newspapers will not help them.

“Whenever the PF media and especially the Post newspaper call any of their members for a story, they should realise that they (Post) never mean well and are likely to twist the story to suit the PF,” a source said.

He advised the two parties to learn to hold joint press-briefings or joint signed statements on matters of common interest to avoid being misquoted, instead of rushing to the same enemy media that celebrate their divisions.

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