Mumba gives Scott ultimatum to withdraw statement

Opposition MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba has said the violence taking place in the PF has blessings of dictator Michael Sata whose political record was associated with violence.
When Sata was in UNIP, there were vigilantes who terrorized innocent citizens, when he was MMD national secretary he led Panga wielding cadres in hacking political opponents in Chawama and now at the helm of the PF, Panga hacking has continued.
Dr. Mumba has also given a 48 hour ultimatum to ceremonial vice president Guy Scott to retract his careless statement that the warring PF cadres are MMD members dressed in PF regalia or face legal action. He was reacting to a story in the state run Zambia Daily Mail edition of 9th November where Scott alleged that the Panga wielding cadres involved in a clash that resulted into death and serious injuries last week were from the MMD.
Of late Scott has been issuing careless and injurious statements against political opponents due to his old age and suspected Parkinson’s disease. He recently said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema does not think and went ahead to say Sata had performed better than Fredrick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawas and Rupiah Banda.

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