Mumba Malila vows to defend colonial Public Order Act

Mumba Malila vows to defend colonial Public Order Act

Malila to defend colonial law

Attorney General Mumba Malila said the State was ready to defend their case once the LAZ had taken the matter for legal redress saying the statute was appropriate in its current form.

Mr Malila said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the Act was suitable as it addressed the interests of all Zambians and not to appease individuals.

Mr Malila said the State would be equal to the task of defending the validity of the Act in the Courts and were ready to meet LAZ head-on.

“There is nothing wrong with the Public Order Act, in its current form, the problem is the way some people want it applied or interpreted that raises the differences. It is meant to address the interests of all Zambians and not individuals.

“LAZ can go to Court, it is their prerogative to do so but as the State, we are also ready. We will wait for them to Court and we are ready as the State to defend this piece of legislature and we are equal to the task because we are convinced that the Act is appropriate,” Mr Malila said.

Yesterday, LAZ decided to challenge the Constitutionality of the Public Order Act in the High Court. The Association will also litigate on the issue of who should act as Republican President when the Head of State was out of the country.

LAZ president James Banda said the decision to litigate on the Public Order Act was necessary to remove perceived tension as a result of its ‘arbitrary’ application.

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