Mumba will fall, crash with shame – Nyangu

CHEMBE Nyangu says MMD president Nevers Mumba is hanging on to a string which will soon snap and he will fall down and crash with shame.

Commenting on the intra-party wrangles that have engulfed the former ruling party, Nyangu said if Mumba remains at the helm of the party, the MMD will be history after August 11.

“Mumba is hanging [on] to a string, which is going to snap any time, and he will fall down and crash with shame. And if he is not careful, he will be dragged to court by members of the party and they are very willing and are planning to do that,” Nyangu said.

“I am giving him friendly warning as his former national deputy secretary, that Mumba, your days are getting closer and people are going to drag you to court. The owners of this party are not happy. This is our party, where was Mumba when we were struggling to keep this party going? He was busy wining and dining [but] today he comes and wants to sideline the people who have held on to this party.”

He said party members were mobilising and preparing for the April party convention, because Mumba’s term of office was coming to an end.

“The party can’t grow if you have a leader who is vindictive, who is fault-finding his members. Unfortunately, what Mumba is forgetting is that the (party) constitution states that there shall be a convention every five years. We went for an extraordinary convention in 2012 where we elected Mumba to fill in the vacant position after president Banda resigned from the party,” Nyangu added.

“As long as Nevers is at the helm, forget the MMD. Come August 11, it will be history, that will be the end of MMD. If Mumba does not give in by April, a solution will be found in which to ignite the party.”

He further said he sometimes misses Banda, whom he described as a good leader.

“Any good leader is always missed by his people. It is like when you lose your mother, you say ‘I wish my mother was here’, and yes, I can’t deny that I miss president Rupiah Banda because really [I] miss him; I wish he was here,” said Nyangu.

“He (Banda) never interfered in my job and if there is anything, he would consult me to say ‘What is it, what is happening?’ And I would tell him, ‘Oh, this is what is happening and this can be done in a better way like this’, but it was different from Nevers; he wants to be the one enjoying all the time, doing unconstitutional things all the time.”


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