Mumbi Phiri dating a pot bellied deputy minister – PF official

Mumbi Phiri dating a pot bellied deputy minister – PF official

Mumbi PhiriA senior PF official says that he is surprised that PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri could make comments against men with pot bellies when one of her boyfriends who is also a deputy minister in PF government is pot bellied.

“It shocks me when I heard that she could say that she hates men with pot bellies because one of the men she is dating has a pot belly, he is a deputy minister and I think she is saying that so as to deceive her husband because he has even at one time questioned her about this same man,” said the official.

When pressed further to disclose the name of the deputy minister, he challenged the former diplomat whom GBM exposed as having been fired for excessive beer drinking to further refute the claim.

“For now, let me end there but just know that she is dating a deputy minister with a pot belly and if she refutes that I will give you the name and some more details,” he said.

Over the weekend, Mumbi Phiri said she hates men with pot bellies such as GBM because she has to kneel down to see his nakedness, but the Kasama law maker responded that Mumbi Phiri was an uncultured woman who smokes marijuana, drinks heavily and wets the bed. Mwamba said that late President Sata recalled Mumbi Phiri from the foreign service because of her bad drinking habits.

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