Mumbi Phiri is a drunkard, wets bed – GBM

Mumbi Phiri is a drunkard, wets bed – GBM

Mumbi Phiri

Mumbi Phiri

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba aka GBM  says PF deputy Secretary general Mumbi Phiri is an unprincipled bed wetting woman who was sacked from her diplomatic job because of smoking Marijuana. GBM says Mumbi Phiri must not be taken seriously because of the illicit drugs she takes.

“Kalaisundawila, ba Sata balikabwesha ukufuma ku diplomatic service because of excessive drinking and bed wetting. We went for a funeral kwa bana Kwandami ku Kitwe eko kaile isundawila, ala ni ka chisusu and don’t take her seriously,” said GBM during a campaign meeting at Saili in Lubansenshi constituency.

Mr. Mwamba’s reaction comes after Mumbi Phiri insulted him on Sunday. Mumbi Phiri who recently verbally abused the Tonga speaking people of southern province, said that she hates men with pot bellies like GBM as she has to kneel down in order to see GBM’s nakedness. The disparaging remarks have received mixed reactions from other parties and women organisations.

Following Mumbi’s remarks, the Zambia National Women’s Lobby issued the following statement:



For Immediate Release                                                                      14th September 2015


Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) is deeply saddened by the profane language being attributed to politicians in Zambia.

While we realise the need for freedom of speech and tolerance of divergent views, we still believe that this can still be achieved without the use of offensive language.

Politicians should focus their debates on national issues and desist from personal attacks which have no benefit to the country’s development.

As the 2016 election date draws close, we urge all politicians to exercise self- restraint and canvass for votes in a manner that is dignified.

We further urge all well meaning political party leaders to encourage their members to set a good example by desisting from slander, political intimidation and violence.


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