Mumbi Phiri ‘shouts’ at Guy Scott for questioning PF pact with Rupiah

Mumbi Phiri ‘shouts’ at Guy Scott for questioning PF pact with Rupiah

Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri say the party is disheartened by former vice President Guy Scott’s ‘disparaging’ remarks against the party and its leadership.

Mumbi said that the party leadership is shocked that Dr Scott is questioning the relationship between the PF and Former President Rupiah Banda.

Mumbi told ZNBC in Lusaka that the PF is aware that Dr Scott is being useSATA-MUMBI-PHIRI-MIRIAM-MWAPEd by enemies of President Lungu.

She said that there are no benefits or favours in the friendship between President Edger Lungu and Rupiah Banda

Mumbi said that Dr Scott and his allies should let president Lungu concentrate on working for the nation.

Last week, former Vice President Guy Scott said that the working alliance between the ruling PF and the opposition MMD contradicted late President Michael Sata’s vision.

In a wide ranging interview with Journalists during the commemoration of the United States national Day at the residence of US Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz, Dr Scott said there were a number of contradictions about the PF-MMD pact.

Asked whether embracing some former MMD members who were facing corruption charges into the PF, Dr Scott said the pact was hurriedly set up following the death of President Sata and it is bound to have contradictions.

“Some electoral pact with Mr Rupiah Banda was made, some undertakings were made and I was part of that process and I know it took place. The question is how extensive is this new identity between the PF and the MMD?,” Dr Scott questioned.

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