Mumbwa MP promises to vote against Bill 10

Mumbwa MP promises to vote against Bill 10


*** Accuses Watchdog of lying, but confirms he has a multi million government contract

UPND MUMBWA CENTRAL MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT Credo Nanjuwa has vehemently refuted social media reports alleging that he has been given more than seven million kwacha by the Patriotic Front in order to support the passing of the infamous constitutional amendment Bill 10 of 2019 once on the floor of the House.

Mr. Nanjuwa said the position of the UPND on the bill is well defined and known by everyone and wondered why an online publication would want to tarnish the image of members of parliament.

He said it was a pity that the Zambian watchdog online publication has continued to propagate falsehoods and malign UPND members of parliament on matters it has failed to substantiate since 2017 and questioned it’s agenda.

“The party has a position on this matter and we are guided by that position. I cannot be detached from that position as an individual.This watchdog has been lying since 2017 and we are now wondering it’s motivation.In August the same publication lied that I was seen receiving $100,000 from the PF in order to support the Bill 10 and now today we are told I have been given seven million kwacha towards my Agro business which is a pure lie. These reports are starting to divide especially that the people behind this publication are well known”.

“Currently I’m in my constituency where I have been invited for a public discussion on the same Bill by the Mumbwa District Pastor’s fellowship and I will be privy to the feelings of the people on the ground.The party position is my position and that’s it”,he said.

Mr. Nanjuwa who was commenting on reports that he has been given a multi million contract by the Ministry of Health for the supply of chemical sprayers under the Malaria control program said he has been managing that contract since early last year while disputing that it was not even a Ministry contract but through his business contacts.


ZWD comment: we are watching you closely. We know thy coming in and going out. Accusations of lying do not move us at all. We have heard them from various culprits.

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