Mundia Sikatana is dead

Mundia Sikatana is dead

Former agriculture minister Mundia Sikatana has died, according to information posted online by people close to him.

Sikatana was a former politician and diplomat. In the 1980, he and others were detained by Kenneth Kaunda’s brutal UNIP after they attempted to end the one-party brutality by overthrowing government.

In 2002, Siktana was appointed as the agriculture minister. He and his government faced widescale media condemnation for banning genetically modified maize donations during a widescale famine in 2002.

Upon the re-election of President Levy Mwanawasa in 2006, Sikatana was appointed foreign minister on 9 August 2006. On 22 August 2007, the former ally of Mwanawasa was fired as foreign minister with Mwanawasa citing Sikatana’s declining health. However, on 3 September, Siktana refuted that claim, citing instead his reputation as an anti-Mugabe politician and Mwanawasa’s better relationship with Mugabe following his appointment as head of the Southern African Development Community.

He trained as a lawyer and during the one party rule by the first president Dr Kaunda, Sikatana was one of the fearless lawyers who championed the cause for justice and the respect of human rights.

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