Munkombwe celebrates appointment, booed

Munkombwe celebrates appointment, booed

munkoThe main streets of Livingstone were Friday afternoon temporarily blocked when  newly appointed Southern Province Deputy Minister Daniel Munkombwe celebrated his appointment to serve in the PF Government.

Munkombwe, leading a convoy of over 50 vehicles among them GRZ vehicles toured the tourist capital with heavy state police who ensured that the old man was given way to disturb the  traffic.

Munkombwe who was spotted lifting the PF symbol and denouncing the MMD by loudly stating that he had to leave the party due to its extinction was however shamed by the onlookers who denounced the old man  and told him off for his selfish interests.

Some people were seen lifting their middle fingers to show disgust at Munkombwe and his band of celebrants and for disturbing their traffic.

Munkombwe is on camera after announcing that he has joined the PF for purposes of his belly.

In the photo, Munkombwe (middle)  when he was still eating on RB’s table

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