Munkombwe: I will gladly accept job from Sata

Daniel Munkombwe says President Michael Sata deserves the support of all well meaning
Zambians so that he can succeed.
Speaking to ZANIS at his Kabebya farm in Choma today, Mr. Munkombwe personally pledged to support President Sata to ensure that the Zambian people benefit from the Patriotic Front Government.
He described President Sata as an old time friend whom he was ready to support so that his government succeeds in serving the Zambian people.
He said he wants to see how President Sata can be helped to succeed as Republican President.
Asked if he would accept an offer to serve in the PF government, Mr. Munkombwe said he would gladly do so but stressed that this should be in a much lower capacity such as Chairperson of any statutory board.
“Yes I would accept to serve in the PF government if called upon except this has to be in a lower capacity and not as minister or something higher,” he said.
Mr. Munkombwe said he has been in politics for the last 60 years but is still willing to render service whenever called upon.
He however said he wants to retire from active politics so that he can concentrate on his private life.

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