Munkombwe is Sata’s minister for S/province, Charles Banda dropped?

Unconfirmed but highly placed sources have revealed that President Michael Sata has appointed ‘politics of the belly’ Daniel Munkombwe as the new Southern province deputy minister.

Sources with the PF have told the Watchdog that unless things are reversed Mr. Sata has revoked the nomination of the youthful Muchinga province minister Charles Banda, in order to accomodate a fellow old relic in politics, Daniel Munkombwe.

According to insiders, Mr. Sata has since demoted Charles Banda to the civil service position by appointing him as High Commissioner to neighbouring Malawi.

The appointment, if confirmed, is all part of the scheme to bring old people in Sata’s ‘oldies’ government in preparation for the next set of generation of leaders in the impending presidential by-election that may see his old uncle, Alexander Chikwanda, as president when he (Sata) steps down due to poor health.

Mr. Munkombwe who has spent all his life surviving in politics from 1960s is this time rewarded for singing the loudest in denouncing fellow Tongas as tribalists during the Livingstone by-election, a song which resonates well with Mr. Sata and Fred Mmembe of the Post newspaper.

Another old relic by the name of Kenneth Kaunda is currently helping Mr. Sata in running the country by carrying some files for him and making ‘presidential decisions’ which Mr. Sata merely appends signatures.

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