Munkombwe says PF is in a very difficulty situation, as Scott attempts resignation

Munkombwe says PF is in a very difficulty situation, as Scott attempts resignation

munkSouthern province PF chairperson Daniel Munkombwe has admitted that the ruling party is in a very difficulty situation and needs membership more than any political party in Zambia.

Munkombwe, who belongs to the endangered Wynter Kabimba faction currently embroiled in a tussle of party leadership with the GBM faction was commenting on the recent plans by party members to demonstrate for the dismissal of ceremonial vice President Guy Scott.

Munkombwe described the planned demonstrations by youths as nonsense and accused the anti-Guy Scott advocates as being anti-PF, he has also distanced himself from the group. Recently Scott revealed that there was a clique that was planning to have him ousted from the party and government. He said, that he knew the people who had mobilized youths to demonstrate in the same manner they demonstrated against Kabimba, but declined to name them.

“It is nonsense; those youths are just anti-PF and anybody who is in PF must know that we scottare in a very difficulty situation. They already got Wynter Kabimba out and I am told that there is a list of people who should be dismissed. I will not entertain that myself,” Munkombwe, a nominated MP told the Post newspaper.

Meanwhile, Scott was yesterday supposed to hold a media briefing at his office but cancelled it at the last minute leaving many journalists who had gathered at his office without any clue for the cancellation. It is not clear what Scott wanted to brief the media about but it is highly speculated that he wanted to lash out at the GBM camp and possibly resign from government. No alternative date has been given for the briefing.

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