Munkombwe says political situation is awkward

By Chali Mulenga

Southern province minister has expressed displeasure at the current
political situation in saying it is awkward.

Daniel Munkombwe told journalists at his
office, that the situation was awkward as the opposition was always
looking for faults in the government.
He described the people that were in the habit of checking what wrong
the government had done as political snifters as they were always
looking for something bad that they could talk about.
The minister advised politicians especially those in the opposition to
strive to be credible by acknowledging what the government was doing.
“There are people in this country that preach about the government’s
failure”, he said, adding that “MMD under the leadership of President
Rupiah Banda was working”.
He said it was unreasonable for anyone to think that the government
was not working despite the visible development that the province was
receiving while the opposition were dreaming of bring development to
the people in 90 days.
He added that his province being an opposition stronghold was
receiving the lion’ share of the national budget allocation.

He said it was second to Northern Province, which was receiving the highest budgetary allocation.
He accused some sections of the print media of printing negative stories about the government and noted that press would be dangerous at times.
He called upon the media to let the people know about the development
that was going on in the province as the country moves the 2011
Munkombwe said the opposition was segmented and that judgment would
soon catch up with them.
And the minister has denied allegation that he is tribal and said he would
never be tribal.
He said there was no way that he could be tribal and wondered what
colour tribalism was.
He said” I am not tribal as I am someone who can win an election in
part of the country especially in those days when elections were
And on the Red Card campaign the Munkombwe described it as nonsense
adding that it was reckless.
He said that people that introduced the red card campaign were
senseless and that government would not allow anarchy in the country
 Munkombwe expressed shock that some people that were in government
who wanted the Red card campaign to continue.
He observed that the people that were promoting the red card campaign
had nothing to say.

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