Murder of ex-MP Chella shows Kitwe police incompetence

Dear Editor,

Our country has been dragged to a new level of dis function, where a hard working farmer, father and grandfather can be murdered by malasha burning squatters!

Last week our local Wusikle MP Musukwa The Minister of Mines came to our farming area and openly encouraged these simple minded malasha squatters to gang up together and forcibly chase anyone who tried to evict them including the Kitwe City Council , the forestry department and any other legal entity because President Sata has give the land to all poor people, forget about law the PF is in power!.

Musukwa should resign on moral grounds today and if not he is not fit to represent our country in any capacity and the Republican President should remove Musukwa’s portfolio.

Like wise our corrupt Kitwe DC Kamanga the catalyst of the illegal occupation of our farm should be removed at once.

Both individuals have Chella,s blood on their hands.

Let Musukwa go back to Chililabombwe and Kamanga to prison for fraud !

I have been together with the late Chella for 35 years, we grew up together and now my friend is blooded and no more because of incompetents such as Musukwa and Kamanga.

I appeal to our Republician President to allow the law enforcement organs of the government to  apply the law, free from interference from party carders, as per the Constitution remove malasha squatters and set up a commission of enquiry to probe the corrupt city of Kitwe .

For too long now the Kitwe DC has been forging documentation, stealing plots, abusing Government properties/resources, bullying police officers, instructing forestry officers not to patrol our farms,draw up fake land maps in his office with corrupt Ministry of Agriculture officials, measure plots at night with a candle, smash his car into a police vehicle while under the influence  and generally embarrassing Zambia.

Now he is indirectly responsible for the death of my friend.

Let it be a warning to Musukwa (he does not deserve the title of Honourable) and Kamanga not to come to Ba Chella’s funeral because they will be tormented by me and others in the crowd!

We Zambians have lost pride in ourselves and in our country, we must respect law and order and do the right thing for future generations of the unborn Zambian children.

Our Government must remove all corrupt officials in our beautiful country and abide by the law.

Kevin William Soppier

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