Lungu blocks Musenge from vising HH in prison

Lungu blocks Musenge from vising HH in prison


PF member of the central committee Mwenya Musenge was yesterday afternoon abruptly sent out of Lusaka Central Prison where he went to visit incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Obvious Mwaliteta.

Last month, Edgar Lungu also blocked first president Kenneth Kaunda from visiting HH in jail. Two weeks ago, Lungu again blocked South African opposition leader Mmusi Maimane from entering Zambia to visiting HH in prison.

Musenge, who was in the company of PF Kitwe district youth secretary Charles Kabwita and two other officials, arrived at Lusaka Central Prison around 15:20 hours and was received by Mazabuka UPND member of parliament Garry Nkombo.

Nkombo immediately presented a list of those to visit Hichilema on Friday as demanded by officers who were clearly hesitant to allow them in the prison.

The officers then got the phones and all gadgets as per procedure, with details of the visitors who were letter given reflectors to wear.
Mwaliteta, the former Lusaka province minister, was filled with joy upon seeing Musenge.

He could not hold himself but ran to Musenge and hugged him in the passage as officers led the latter to a visitors’ room where Hichilema was kept waiting.

God is so great. I am so touched, I am happy you came to see us my brother. You are a friend indeed,
a joyous Mwaliteta told Musenge who responded,
We are friends beyond all these things and politics my brother.

As Musenge was ushered where Hakainde was, a prison officer came running and in a state of panic ordered everyone to come out of the room.

“Please everybody come out now. Stop everything you want to do and come out! There is some strong message we have received and I want you to help me. Protect me, please help me, I am just trying to protect my job, please understand,” a panicking senior prison officer said.
Musenge and Hichilema just looked at each other and smiled as everyone was forced out of the room.

Hichilema tried to follow in the passage but was stopped as officers refused him to even shake Musenge’s hand.

Maybe they will not allow you to come back but I just want to tell you that I am deeply touched, thank you for coming. Thank you for this effort and this is how it should be. We are friends, we are brothers,
Hichilema said.

After Musenge and others were ordered to leave, a senior prison officer who was constantly on phone and in a panic mood left Nkombo and Musenge outside as they were later joined by chief Mukuni who wanted to know what had happened.

The prisons officer never returned to give feedback and the visiting time ended.

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