Museum workers stop work, threaten to disrupt UN Tourism meeting in Zambia

Unionised museum workers in Zambia are preparing to send Zambia’s hosting of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general conference into chaos as they stage a strike demanding 60 per cent pay rise.

The workers from Lusaka, Livingstone and Moto Moto Museums in Mbala have vowed never to go back to work until their demands are met.

Union representative Shamu Mwinde said the workers have never had any adjustment to their salaries for over seven years and that the situation was unbearable.

Mwinde said all the workers were resolved and united to stage the strike action until government met their demands ahead of the UNWTO general conference.

But Museum Board of Zambia Flexon Mizinga said they could only offer workers the seven per cent payrise as that was what they could afford.

Mizinga said the institution’s financial situation was pathetic and that the budgetary allocation was totally insignificant.

Zambia is scheduled to co-host the UNTWO general assembly with Zimbabwe. However, Zambia’s preparations have been sluggish while their Zimbabwean counterpart are making speedy progress.

Tourism minister Sylvia Masebo has been assuring the country that all is well in the preparation process.

 Zambia Reports

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