Mushimba says 4th mobile operator starts October

Mushimba says 4th mobile operator starts October

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba says UZI Zambia – the fourth mobile network will start operations in October this year.
Dr. Mushimba says ZICTA has accorded UZI mobile network another six months extension as requested by the company to fully install the technical issues such as setting up fibre and erecting towers.

The Minister says once the company is sets up, 4-hundred people will be employed.
Dr. Mushimba said the 4-hundred-Million-dollar investment will increase competition against Airtel, Zamtel and MTN.

He said this in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka on the sidelines of the official launch of Ex-Butondo Secondary Students Association.

ZWD comment: Mushimba is just failure. Can he show us one project that has been implemented successfully under him at this ministry? As far as we can tell, all the major projects he has announced from the time he became minister are either being postponed or have just failed. Here are a few: he is struggling to resuscitate Zambia Airways. He told us that the first or inaugural flight was scheduled for Independence Day last year. He ended up colonizing Zambian Airways to Ethiopians and now he is at their mercy as he has to dance to their tune.

Then this fourth mobile operator project. Zambians are anxious to have a serious additional mobile service provider to do ka checkmate on these exploiters MTN and Airtel. But all he is doing is announcing postponement after postponement. But then, of all mobile service providers that applied to do business in Zambia, you go and pick one run by a corrupt Angolan family just because you are also corrupt.

Then he promised to create laws and put up a crack squad that would immediately close ZWD. He like our now comrade Chishimba Kambwili, failed lamentably.

Maybe his stage name should be ‘Dr Mushi Failure’

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