Musician Dambisa accuses ‘idiot’ Kambwili of feigning illness

Musician Dambisa accuses ‘idiot’ Kambwili of feigning illness

Musician Michelle Lunda Dambisa writes :

It’s not wise to fool people with sickness.

There is a story about a boy who used to shout lions lions n when the villagers turned to his aid , he laughed n made fools outta dem.

One day a real live lion showed up , he shouted n nobody even came to aid.

Stop taking compassionate Zambian for fools …even I felt sorry for you.

This shows that one is actually a loud mouth with no guts to face matters brought forth.

I hate to say this to you because I will be judged . As a Zambian I don’t need fake idiots in leadership positions…

You want to challenge good leadership and yet your facts and ideology are just of a cowardly dog barking on the side road.

Stop wasting people’s brain minutes ….
Humble yourself before your leader n you will find peace …

What puzzles me is akansoni ,kalifwa?
Same mouth two sides Iyeeeeeee…
Mulekeni ateke…
Maybe your time Will come , but not in 2921.
So this fainting spells n.a. fake bp visile mwe.

Mulibakulu nabana s

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