Musician Maiko Zulu dumps Airtel for MTN just to read Watchdog, do the same

Musician Maiko Zulu dumps Airtel for MTN just to read Watchdog, do the same

michael1Dear Editor,
As a regular reader of ZWD online publication, I wish to register my concern over continued difficulties I and many other Zambians are experiencing in accessing ZWD via the Airtel network. It is now certain, as alleged, that there is a deliberate plot to deny readers access to the site.
As a defender of press freedom and freedon of expression, it is my duty to raise concern over such a development.
Personally I am against the many insults and tribal comments by a number of bloggers commenting on the various publications on the site but this should not be reason to block or temper with the accessibility to the site especially now when many a voice of reason has been compromised by needs of the belly. The majority of media houses have betrayed the masses by denying us much needed investigative information. The killing of media freedom is a recipe for uncalled for antagonism between various parties and entities and is a gateway to anarchy.
As insignificant and negligible as it may seem, I personally have resorted to putting away my Aitrel sim card and will for now use only MTN for cellular communication.

Maiko Zulu

Editor’s comment: We thank you Mr Zulu. We have no conclusive evidence that Airtel is colluding with the PF regime to block the Watchdog from inside Zambia. But we do know that the blocking is taking place on Airtel and Zamtel and other Internet Service Providers in Zambia. We are getting to the bottom of this and very soon we shall publish the whole truth and how ISP are colluding with the government.

We know already for example that one of the persons working with Xavier Chungu on this is Micheal Ketani, an engineer at one of the mobile companies. We do not, even for a minute, believe that a website can be blocked on Airtel without Airtel’s knowledge or cooperation.

Our original domain is still blocked in Zambia. But we have moved the site to so it can still be accessible on Airtel and all other networks.

We do realise that many people in Zambia still do not know this change. That is why we endorse Mr Zulu’s move of dumping Airtel and migrating to MTN. People who wish to continue reading and blogging on the Watchdog uninterrupted must dump Airtel and Cellz and go to MTN. We encourage you to tell your friends and colleagues to get MTN simcards and 3Gs.

By so saying, we know the consequences this may have on MTN. The evil regime will visit MTN. But for now, we encourage the more than 400 000 people in Zambia who browse the Zambian Watchdog inside Zambia daily  to migrate to MTN.

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