Musician Mark 11 says doesn’t regret wishing HH death

Musician Mark 11 says doesn’t regret wishing HH death


Kaira Mulaza says wishing HH death in prison and calling him a foolish chicken is his creative art.

The PF dancer, who is known by his fans as Marky 11 faces possible divorce for wishing UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema death in prison.

In his latest song ‘Tilizone’, Mulaza celebrates the incarceration of HH whom he referred to as a foolish chicken. He sings that this foolish chicken must not be freed but eaten.

But Mulaza’ song has torn apart his own family. According to sources close to the family, Mulaza’s wife Haantinga Cheelo is depressed.

‘As for his in-laws, they don’t even want to talk to him’, said a friend of Mulaza.

Mulaza married Haantinga in 2015 and continued celebrating in South Africa at the event attended mostly by PF cadres based in South Africa with Emmanuel Mwamba as guest of honour.

But then, Mulaza probably doesn’t care about his wife as he has a string of girls he sleeps.

Responding to the massive condemnation he has received for his sick song, Mulaza said his inbox is flooded with condemnation but he does not regret.

Mulaza says there is nothing people who don’t like his likening HH to a chicken and wishing him death can do because Zambia is a democratic nation.

But Mulaza forgets that HH also has the right to enjoy the same democratic rights he is talking about without his freedom of movement being curtailed just because he doesn’t agree with Edgar Lungu.

Below is is response:
Usually i would ignore small talks
especially on petty subjects. I feel i
should respond to this because it
borders on my freedom to express
myself. This is the freedom that
validates my living, as an artist and as
a human being. I can not give it up for
anything. I would do everything to
defend my freedom to speak my mind
no matter the cost.My inbox is flooded
with mixed setiments regarding my
recent song TILIZON.Firstly, my music
is my opinion, if you don’t like it switch
to something else. I do not go about
shutting up people with different
opinions from mine.Whether Tilizon is
a political song or not, i have no
apologies and if for a minute you
thought I will be slowed down by this,
think again.
Just a reminder even the artists that
supported and endorsed President
Lungu have the freedom of expression
in the same measure as those that
didn’t support him. We are all equal in
the eyes of the law.The Same People
Crying For Freedom Of Speech Don’t
Want Me To Speak Freely.This Is No
Time To Campaign.. It Is Time For
Music To Address Present Issues
Without Fear Or Favor.
“Tilizon” Is My Creative Opinion On
The Present..Whats Yours?I Will
Always Speak My Mind And There Is
Nothing You Can Do About It, You Know
Why? Because We Live In A Free
Democratic Country.
My Greatest Motivation Is Criticism
And Hate.. So Please Continue So I Can
More Music To Spark Debate About
Issues That Our Country Is Facing.
Oh! And Ndimupondo Nangu Banchinge
Ni Lolo Lolo I Will Forgive Them Kaili I
Have God’s Favor In This Tilizon
Present Day.

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