Musician Peterseen: I know a rat when I see one

Musician Peterseen: I know a rat when I see one


Petersen posts:


I don’t like delele like most people, I don’t eat Inswa, l have never tasted Viunkubala. I don’t wish to eat Sontwa, or be a true mulozi and eat Hopani nor to taste monkey meat like my bemba elder brother Chibwe.

I like Chibwabwa and Katapa (Mangambwa and Shombo in Lozi). Beans l cant avoid, I mean I am a man, don’t we all love beans… We might as well just introduce a new hash tag lol #BeansThings.

For some of us who were in boarding schools during UNIP and MMD times know all the transitions better, We had no option but to have cabbage. It’s like President Chiluba just forced that cabbage on us. Despite alot of other different typical Zambian cuisines most Zambians desired, the MMD made it quite cheaper and compulsory to accept Cabbage.

Alot of other new foods have been introduced in our lives. Delight for Grown ups, Goat Liver Sharwama, Chips Mayaya and my Favorite Nyama Soya.

When Chinese people started coming into Zambia, they also introduced the eating of snakes. So it’s believed a Chinese can eat any snake, they never mind even a Cobra. You cant afford to ignore Chinese trends and practices, from shoes, clothes and trending restaurants. I remember Mr Sata (MHSRIP) during his time in opposition he used to distant himself to them but when his time came to rule this country he was also swallowed by their ways like they swallow mere cobras.

Alas I got married, I married from Eastern Europe, l mean eastern Province. And so for years l have always wanted to taste foods from her village, Yes her village, my wife’s village not Dollar Siliza’s village. Last week l ask my Tumbuka/Nsenga wife to prepare for me a mbeba… She contacted Mabvuto Tembo, Gabriel Banda and Edmond Miti who came to help with the cooking. Funny enough they all got busy on facebook watching pictures of fire trucks, Lusaka Mayor sleeping, Chipata Mayor’s suits, the President eating mango and with no time the ‘Mbeba LunguKad’. When I saw the smoke and how they rushed to kitchen l knew ifintu fya Lungu’ka.

I suspected manipulation so I checked what they were now cooking…. Guess what I found?

KOSWE MU MPOTO… Nausako yadumpula na Menso.

A rat ain’t a mbweba… Nooo mbeba si Koswe, Koswe si mbewa…. Koswe ni koswe

A Koswe can live In the house among hardworking people while plundering and eating their hard earned valuables, mu ceiling, muma bricks. And it eats anything: Ma Bamba, mipando, it eats even Mattress etc. It can also live in a Hospitals just where they store medicine.
It can eat Cheese from chinese people or anything. Those Front Teeth are deadly. It knows how to avoid Rat Poison at all times. It’s a typical example of a well trained theif.

No one can fool me, l know a rat when I see one.


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