Musician Pilato says he is hiding under a rock

Musician Pilato says he is hiding under a rock

Pilato Writes


A good day to you my king. As i write this letter to you, I am hidden under a rock for fear that the foxes that roam the wilderness may pounce on me. I am in the bush looking at the skies and hoping that the skies are looking back at me. I have a few thoughts to share with you my king as my end nears.

My king, Be careful when a naked man brings you clothes or when a starving lion offers you a piece of meat, be careful my king. Above all my king, be careful when a dying man offers to protect you.

My king, be careful when your gold and silver becomes enough to buy the opinions of those that don’t agree with you. Please my King be careful. The strength of your power is in the imagination of its absence.

My king, be careful when your subjects don’t speak out. The absence of words is not the absence of thoughts. You will never know what could be brewing in their minds. Please my king be careful.

My king, when a hungry man praises you, be careful. Every man and woman wants to survive, they will say and sing every praise to get your bread. Remember the praise of a hungry man is like a poison for your eyes. It slowly blinds you.

My king, when dealing with problems, always remember a good and honest diagnosis is key. If you misdiagnose a problem, you immediately fail to find its cure.

My king, when a poor man points at his leaking roof, do not laugh at his cracked finger. Remember my king, the quality of your leadership is determined by the living standards of the poorest man or woman in your kingdom.

Lastly my king, when you receive a letter from your enemy, don’t waste time analysing the type of paper he used and ignore the contents of that letter. Remember to put important things first.

I do end here my king. It might rain here very soon so i need to find a spot where i can stay safe at least for tonight.

Yours fugitive subject

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